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Harfarauri, Star gooseberry Grafted Plant

Harfarauri, Star gooseberry Grafted Plant

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Grow this juicy, watery and crisp fruiting plant in your home garden and enjoy the deliciousness of fresh star gooseberry plant. This perennial fruiting plant grows a dense, bushy crown and tough main branches. Star Gooseberry is in the Euphorbiaceae family and looks like bilimbi trees.

This tree blooms pale yellow, crisp, waxy, and juicy fruits with a sour taste that are formed in numerous, oblate, and clustered forms. These compact trees reach a maximum height of 24 inches and do not require much maintenance and care to thrive.


Star gooseberry Special Features 

  • The plant blooms yellow, juicy fruits with a sour taste.
  • It is a low maintenance plant.



Common Name


Star gooseberry, Harfarauri, Tahitian gooseberry, Malay gooseberry, Country gooseberry, and Strawberry 

Utmost Height

Upto 25-30 feet tall

Flower Color


Blossom Time

June to August

Difficulty Level

Effortless to grow


Star gooseberry Uses

Ornamental Uses

  • It makes a good ornamental plant.

Medicinal Use

  • These fruits contain Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous, Ascorbic acid, and Thiamine.

Culinary Use

  • Mature fruits are edible.


Planting and Care

  • Star gooseberry plant needs natural indirect bright light
  • This plant thrives in soil that drains easily.
  • Never let your Star gooseberry plant fill in with water.
  • Never overwater your plant as the leaves can rot. Water only when necessary.
  • While repotting your plant, make sure the soil is dry
  • After planting, leave the plant dry for a week or so before starting to water, to reduce the risk of root rot.
  • Water stagnation must be avoided in all cases.
  • Unused potting soil can collect moisture, and the organic material contained in the soil can cause fungal problems that can spread to the plant.



Needs 6 hours of direct bright sunlight each day.


Average; Don’t overwater


Well drained soil


25– 35 degree C


Use any organic fertilizer.

Harvest Season

Winter and Spring

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