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Vaijayanti Plant

Vaijayanti Plant

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Vastu n religious | Top 10 plants for terrace balcony


Fill up your ambiance with positivity and purity by growing these mythical plants in your space. Vaijayanti holds immense divine significance and is used to make garlands and flowers, offered to various deities during pujas. These plants bloom small, fragrant, pink-flushed white tubular, funnel-shaped flowers that grow about 1.2 cm.

The stamens and the carpel stick to the flower-tube and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Vaijayanti Mala, meaning ‘the garland of victory’ is mentioned in the Mahabharata and is used while performing Lord Vishnu Puja.

These plants reach a maximum height of 3 feet and don’t require much maintenance and care to thrive.


Vaijayanti Special Features

  • This plant holds an immense mythical significance.
  • These plants attract butterflies and hummingbirds
  • It blooms pink-flushed, small fragrant flowers.
  • It is a low maintenance plant.


Common Name


Utmost Height

Upto 3 feet tall

Blossom Time


Flower Color


Difficulty Level

Effortless to grow


Vaijayanti Plant Uses 

Ornamental Use

  • The plant is used for ornamental purposes.

Culinary Uses

  • The leaves are used for culinary purposes.


Planting and Care

  • Vaijayanti Plant needs full sunlight to thrive and bloom to its full potential.
  • These plants need well-drained, fertile rich organic soil to thrive.
  • Water the plants weekly and make sure to keep the water off the leaves.
  • Water the plant from the base and don’t overwater.
  • Water stagnation must be avoided in all cases.
  • During summer, the frequency of watering should be higher, moderate during the rainy and winter season.
  • Make sure the roots of the plant are damp but not too wet.
  • Prepare the soil with Nitrogen fertilizers before planting the seeds.
  • Water the soil immediately after using the fertilizer.
  • Knock off the old soil from the plant root by removing all rotted and dead roots.
  • While repotting, it’s preferable to do it during the evening and keep the plant in a shady area for a min 2-3 days before moving it to the ideal location and climate. 
  • In case of insect or pest attack, use Eucalyptus oil, Neem oil, or Citrus oil spray for the primary treatment.



Full bright sunlight


Average; Don’t overwater


Well drained soil.


60 degree C


Use any organic fertilizer.

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