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Vinca Rosea Pink Flowering Seeds
Vinca Rosea Pink Flowering Seeds

Vinca Rosea Pink Flowering Seeds

It is a lovely small plant that grows outside very well but also finds itself at home in a summer window.Bloom beautiful flowers at your place to freshen your everyday with Vinca Rosea Pink Flowering Seeds

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  • Vinca Rosea Pink Flowering Seeds
  • Quantity: around 35 seeds 


Catharanthus roseus, commonly known as bright eyesCape periwinklegraveyard plantMadagascar periwinkleold maidpink periwinklerose periwinkle,is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae. It is native and endemic to Madagascar, but grown elsewhere as an ornamental and medicinal plant, a source of the drugs vincristine and vinblastine, used to treat cancer. It was formerly included in the genus Vinca as Vinca rosea.

Vinca can be grown by either direct sowing or transplanting with 0.5 cm deep. Potting mixture should be Humus-rich and well drained.
Keep the seed spacing 1 to 1.5 cm. and for a mature plant (seedling), the spacing is 45*20.

  • Provide moderate soil moisture and light fertilizer to Vinca.
  • Vinca is harvested throughout the year. Other plants part of leaves, roots, stem are harvested for medicinal use.
  • Sunlight: Full sunlight
  • Soil: Prefer the deep loam or laterite or sandy loam soil with medium fertile. Soil pH 6 to 7.5.
  • Water: Moderate
  • Temperature: 25 to 35 degree C
  • Fertilizer: Use any organic fertilizer

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